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How Long Does
It Take To Plan a Wedding?

For most people, a wedding will probably be the biggest event and party they’ll ever have. That’s why planning can seem pretty daunting at first, especially when you need to consider a lot of different factors. Wedding invitations, attires, events, venues and meals are just some of the things you need to take into consideration.

Where To Start
Planning Your Wedding

We customise our services to perfectly fit the details of your wedding or any event. As one of the most reputable luxury wedding car rentals in Sydney, you can trust us to deliver only the top-notch quality of service you deserve.

Choosing a Venue

Having the right location for where your wedding will take place will be one of the first major decisions during wedding planning. The location must be factored into the overall theme and should also be accessible to all the people who will be going to your wedding. Doing all of these will make sure that your wedding will be memorable in a good way.

Preparing the Guest List

You must be able to estimate the number of guests you’ll be having early on before the wedding date. There’s a big difference between a small list of 50 people and a huge crowd of hundreds of people in terms of logistics and overall planning. Your venue should be right enough to cater to the number of guests you’ll be inviting because you wouldn’t want them to feel uncomfortable the whole time they’ll be there.

Having the Right Car

There will be a lot more details that you will need to plan, but we’re telling you now that the wedding car is something that you shouldn’t leave out. Are you going to use your personal car or are you going to get a luxury car rental for your wedding? As with everything else, the right automobile is just as important as the other elements. As the wedding ends, of course, you’d want to drive out classy, with a touch of style.

At Platinum Wedding Cars, you’ll have a wide selection to choose from of what you want your ideal wedding car to be. With our range of vehicles, we’ll make sure that you can find one that suits your aesthetic and theme for the wedding of your dreams.

Choosing Your Wedding Car

Whatever mode of transport you choose on your wedding day, make sure that it will connect with your overall theme and presentation of the wedding you’ve planned for so long. Aside from the price, there are a lot of other elements to look into when selecting a car. The process may seem daunting with the many things to take note of, but let’s make it easy.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process on picking the perfect wedding car for your wedding day.

Take Your Wedding Dress Into Consideration

Most couples usually fail to consider if the bride’s wedding dress will fit the car. In some situations, brides discover that their gown isn’t fit is when they’re off to the wedding venue, on their actual wedding day. This could lead to some disastrous results. It’s for this reason that brides have to make sure that their outfits are all set for a smooth journey and that everything has been well-coordinated beforehand.

Keep It In-Line With Your Color Scheme

Your car will surely be featured in many photos at your wedding, which is why it’s a must that it should align with the colours scheme you will have on the day. We’d recommend going for a neutral colour scheme for your car, as it will surely complement the normal black/white wedding theme. However, if you want to go with one that stands out, make sure to evaluate if it’s the right choice or not.

You’ve probably thought about getting a professional car hire for weddings or a luxury car rental for your wedding. Are you thinking if it would be worth it or not?

We’re telling you it’s worth every penny! Hiring a luxury car rental in Sydney not only helps you begin your day in style. You will also feel extra special on your wedding day. Don’t you want that star-quality feeling that lasts all day?

Additionally, a luxury car rental for your wedding day also provides the perfect prop for your wedding photos. You will look great come rain or shine. It will also enhance your chosen theme or vibe. And how about some time alone together while journeying from the ceremony location to the wedding venue?

Don’t wait until it is one day before your wedding. If you’ve already decided on what car you want to use, make a reservation with luxury car rental for weddings as soon as possible.

Contact us here at Platinum Wedding Cars, and we will assist you in finding your dream wedding car now.

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