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A wedding car is more than just a mode of transport; it adds an elegant touch to your day and lets you arrive at your wedding venue with style. Aside from transporting the bride or groom, a luxury car is an eye-catching prop for your wedding shoot.

You deserve the best of your wedding day, and wedding cars on rent can make your wedding blissful. We are here to make your dream into reality—experience luxury on your wedding day with our high-end fleet.

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2021 Rolls Royce Phantom 8

If you are looking for a sophisticated look, Rolls Royce Phantom 8 is for you. The interior is spacious, giving you sufficient legroom for unhampered mobility. The leather cover, wood and metal accents provide the interior a cosmopolitan feel, and the rear-hinged door allows for a dramatic entrance and exit.

The passenger seat is equipped with a carpeted floor, seats with massage, a compact refrigerator and remote control for entertainment.

rolls royce white

Wedding Car Packages

From classic and vintage to S650 Maybach Mustangs, all the way to the best of the best Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Mercedeses, we’ve got you covered! Whatever car it is that you fancy for your wedding, we have it all for you.

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White S-Class Mercedes Benz

Another wedding car on rent on our list is the S-Class. One of the best luxury sedans today and the gold standard for many luxury cars, the S-Class Mercedes Benz has excellent engine performance. Furthermore, it offers a sleek exterior, and the modern interior focuses on ergonomic and safe design, as well as the aesthetic.

Leather seats, air purification and fragrance system, ambient light, and rear window sunshades– you can find all of these in the S-Class Mercedes Benz. Its air suspension also ensures a comfortable ride on your special day.

The Grooms Transfer

Our well-looked-after fleet of classic cars is perfect for a dashing groom! Not only will you feel special as you enter and leave the venue, but we’ll also make sure your attendees will witness a show-stopping event.

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Black 2020 S650 Maybach

Do you want non-traditional wedding cars on rent? This black 2020 Maybach is perfect for you! Another excellent masterpiece from Mercedes, this black luxury makes you the talk of the town. 

In addition to the engine performance, the interior of this car is also rich in wood and leather, and the rear side comes with seats with a heater and a massager. It also has bigger legroom compared to the S-Class model and folding tables and heating/cooling cup holders for your drinks.

rolls royce white 2

White 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost is luxurious in every detail. From the knob, switch, thick carpet and accents that are made from wood and metal, everything is made from high-quality material. 

You can enjoy a starry night feel inside the car, thanks to the LED starlit lights. If you want a massage or entertainment, the rear seat has it all. It has a wide range of infotainment installed with WiFi, touchscreen display and in-dash navigation. Its 18 speaker stereo system will no doubt make the ride fun and entertaining. 

rolls royce white 2

White 2021 Bentley Flying Spurs

This luxury car rental for wedding, a custom-tailored Bentley Flying Spurs, is such a sight. It comes with a modern interior while incorporating its classic style. 

White 2021 Bentley Flying Spurs has modern features that include a remote control on the rear side so you can adjust anything from the sunshade to activating massagers without assistance from the driver. You can also get heated armrests and power adjustments on the rear seats to make the ride comfortable and relaxing. 

Getaway Transportation

To make your wedding event more memorable, ride off into the sunset in a chill yet deluxe car. You can plan your getaway in various fun ways, whether you opt for the traditional ones or something one-of-a-kind.

rolls royce white 2

White 2020 G63 Mercedes, G Wagon

For the non-typical couple who are looking for unique wedding cars on rent, this G63 Mercedes Wagon is the way to go. This one-of-a-kind SUV, old-looking yet modern, is perfect for any rustic-themed celebration. What’s more, this vehicle can ride through tough terrain with ease. 

It has the cabin feel interior yet is equipped with a 12-inch digital panel with an infotainment system. Those who are tall can move around with ease because of the generous head and legroom. 

rolls royce white 2

Stretch Chrysler

If you want to celebrate extravagantly with your entourage, our luxury rental cars in Sydney also offer the Stretch Chrysler. This ten-passenger limo exudes luxury and fun. It is surrounded by leather seats, LED lighting, sound system, temperature control, auto-dimming rearview, overhead console for reading, spacious interior and double-wing doors for an easy and dramatic entrance. These features are designed so you’ll have a wonderful experience along with your entourage.

rolls royce white 2


Are you looking for a getaway transportation? Try our luxury Hummer that is made for the outdoors yet comfortable and convenient for passengers. It comes with a high-definition touch screen and an exceptional audio system. 

Its interior is rich, thanks to the high-quality materials and all-weather flooring. You can also enjoy the sky with its infinity roof in its modular panels. The hummer emanates power and beauty that symbolize your wedding. 

How much does a wedding car cost to hire?

The rental cost depends on factors, such as hours of use, the type of vehicle to rent and other details you wish to include during the rental period.

Here at Platinum Wedding Cars, we offer different packages that will meet your desire so you can create wonderful memories.

Here is an overview of our top two rental packages:


On the top of our list is the Royalty package, where you get to use Rolls Royce Phantom 8, Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Flying Spurs for 5 hours (Lamborghini 1-2 hours). It is accompanied by a well-tailored chauffeur and a welcoming token of gourmet wraps, grazing box champagne, and water. To make your entrance impressive, we prepare white ribbons and a red carpet to accentuate the spectacle.


For this package, you get to rent the Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini and Bentley Flying Spurs for five hours of use, with chauffeur and welcoming tokens from us. There will also be a red carpet and ribbons as a way to welcome you.

Other packages available are Gold, Silver and Bronze. The costs of these packages range from $3,399.00 up to $7,499.00. For further details, check out our website.

If you wish to have a more personalised package, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you come up with the package you want. However, please note that some of our luxury vehicles may be fully booked and may not be available, especially during the wedding season. Our luxury cars are not just for weddings; we can accommodate anyone for different occasions.

Do not wait any longer! Get in touch with us so our friendly team can help you make your dream wedding a reality.


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